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Dark Blue
Is anyone watching this? Finally watched the second epsiode from the DVR this morning, and I must say I am starting to get hooked. Great plots, I like how each episode is the end of that particular bust and doesn't drag out one particular bust over a season that way it keeps it fresh unlike 24 which can get dragged out imo. Still need to see where the writers take the characters but so far so good.
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It's not bad. A little heavy after a light show like Leverege, which I like a lot. I like McDermott in the dark role like they put him in, it suits him.
There's no crying in baseball
I am not digging Leverage but I did watch the premier of Dark Blue and loved it. I just put it in the DVR rotation. Great characters the show has a lot of possibilities.
Leverage is in its 2nd season, and so far, last season was better. This season hasn't started picking up the steam that last season had yet.
There's no crying in baseball

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