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TMR Zoo Survival Football League 2009: Join Now
The 2009 TMR Zoo Survival Football League is up and running and waiting for you to join. Please use the information listed below to join our league via the Yahoo Fantasy Sports site. The sole survivor will have his or her choice of a prize from any one of the active contests at the TMR Zoo. Click the link below to join:

Enter the TMRzoo Survival Football League

Group ID#: 16115
Password: tmrzoo

If the league ends prior to the end of the NFL season, we'll start it up again just like we did last season, so you could have multiple chances to win... and brag. As you can see, we have some pretty cool prizes available.

Enter Now!... Click here for full article
In :cool:
For once I'd like to be called sir without someone adding "your making a scene".
There's no crying in baseball
joining the bandwagon
I'm in too
Make sure you make your picks in enough time before kickoff tonight. Yahoo gets bitchy about it and will give you a big L right away.
Shit, I just realized I'm out....that fucking fat faced fuck Cutler.
If Carolina pulls out a miracle tomorrow, a lot of people are going to be eliminated.
Im good - Ravens baby

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