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Beat the House 2009
bobbyt2 Wrote:It's going to be a FU*KING great season! There are so many stories & great matchups to follow. You got the KILLA in the ILLA & a lot of people are picking the Eagles to win the NFC LOL

I haven't even paid attention to the national coverage, I didn't know the Eagles were getting hyped. All I've been hearing are the local drama stories... Vick will destroy the chemistry of the team, the D will let up 50 pts a game without Dawkins and JJ, the offensive line is the worst ever, wah wah wah. Local sportswriters suck.

All i know is I'll be having the seasons first brat and egg at approximately 8:10 on 9/20... and washing it down with a Stone Brewing product.
Week one I already have shit football to watch on Sunday Jets v. Houston or Vikings v. Browns. 2 who gives a fuck games.
It's a perfect opportunity to decide whether you want to run the NH chapter of the Brady Quinn Fan Club or the Brett Favre Fan Club. I know you've been wrestling with the decision for weeks now.
There's no crying in baseball
What? Nobody likes the Detroit pick?
I'm in.... bring it on "the house"
Hooch Wrote:What? Nobody likes the Detroit pick?

Dude, I didn't want to ruin the surprise when people looked, but....
WTF are you smoking!?:confused::eek::cool:
bobbyt2 Wrote:Dude, I didn't want to ruin the surprise when people looked, but....
WTF are you smoking!?:confused::eek::cool:

They are going to be my thorn this year, I can tell. Every year there is a team that I say "They're due" and keep picking them and getting it wrong. If they win that first game I wont pick them again.. otherwise I'll fall into the same trap.

I think they're going to come out amped out and still embarrased and looking to make a statement. They'll blow their load for the season though.
yeah man, if the Chargers win, it's 13 & 3 :cool:
I thought this was going to be a blowout by halftime... since its not, you F'ers have to wait until tomorrow for the leaderboard.
The leaderboard has been updated:

We were a St. Louis win away from the first perfect week by a member.

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