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TMR Contest: Who is the first NFL head coach to be fired?
I didn't do well with week 10's picks, but I'm still on a roll.
With the Jauron pick, I figured they were the biggest mess. They fired their offensive coordinator in the preseason, they signed TO, Lynch was suspended, and the quarterback couldn't win a game his senior year at college. The fans aren't happy with losing,of course, and the fact that they play some of their home games in Toronto makes them even more bitter and angry. It's a bad situation and the perfect storm for a coach to get fired.
If Cleveland doesnt beat Detroit this week I think Mangini will be the next to go.
Is anyone going to even notice? That has to be the single most screwed up organization in sports right now. Hooch could run that team better than it's being ran now. He's keeping this site going, isn't he?

Wait, do we have more regular visitors/members than the Browns have fans? Someone should look into that.
There's no crying in baseball

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