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Lionsgate to Transport Statham
Studio Acquires U.S. And Canadian Rights To Third Installment Of TRANSPORTER Franchise
Release Scheduled For Thanksgiving 2008

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 2 /LIONSGATE® (NYSE:LGF) , a leading next generation filmed entertainment studio, today announced that it has acquired U.S. and Canadian distribution rights to TRANSPORTER 3. Jason Statham returns as iconic action hero Frank Martin in the third installment of the EuropaCorp-produced series. The announcement was made today by Lionsgate's Jason Constantine, head of Acquisitions and Co-Productions, and Tom Ortenberg, President, Theatrical Films.

Olivier Megaton directs from a script written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. The movie is produced by EuropaCorp, TF1 Films Productions, Grive Productions and Apipoulai Production, in association with Current Entertainment. Besson produces for EuropaCorp. Lionsgate will release the film at Thanksgiving, on November 26, 2008. The film will be distributed in Canada by Maple Pictures.

Constantine expressed the studio's excitement about the project, stating, "We are thrilled to be in business with EuropaCorp and to also partner again with Jason Statham, who from WAR to CRANK and its upcoming sequel, is a well known and well-loved leading man in so many of Lionsgate's high octane action films. We are delighted to add another film in the exciting TRANSPORTER action franchise to stand alongside such other iconic Lionsgate franchises as SAW, Tyler Perry and THE PUNISHER."

Besson said, "We are thrilled to be sharing this experience with Lionsgate, and happy to get along with a great marketing and distribution team." EuropaCorp COO Pierre-Ange Le Pogam concurred, "Lionsgate is a dynamic group, who we know will more than do justice to our dearest TRANSPORTER opus 3. Everyone here is working hard to get ready to provoke and inflame the market for Thanksgiving."

Constantine negotiated the deal on behalf of Lionsgate, with Eda Kowan, Vice President Acquisitions and Wendy Jaffe, Executive Vice President Legal & Business Affairs, Acquisitions and Co-Productions, and Le Pogam negotiating on behalf of the producers.

The film, starring Robert Knepper ("Prison Break") alongside Statham and returning cast member Francois Berleand (PLACE VENDOME), wrapped principal photography in early May and is currently in post-production.


Jason Statham returns as Frank Miller, the ex-Special Forces operative who specializes in high-risk deliveries.

hey I interviewed that blonde hoochie up there when Transporter 2 came out. I kept wanting to ask her "So, how come Transporter 2 sucked balls so bad?" Transporter 3 better bring back Hsu Chi and drop some full frontal on us or I will skip it.
I thought the first one was pretty good, just one of those action movies where you can shut your brain off and enjoy the movie.

I haven't seen the second one yet....that's a shocker.
Don't bother, it was pretty lame. And I love Statham, but after War, Crank, Transporter 2 and The Bank Job, he needs to just hook up with Guy Ritchie again. Revolver was great, but I have no fucking clue what it was about. Too confusing. RocknRolla looks fucking awesome, but Statham isn't even in it!
Thanks for the input. I heard it was so-so and I was thinking about picking it up if it was cheap enough (Wal-Mart $5 bin cheap). I'm now thinking that might be too much.
Hmmm now there will be a 3rd.

full frontal sounds good too... um not of Statham though.
Transporter 2 was SHIT!! Come on, bomb on the bottom of a car, rolling car jump, catch bomb on crane hook as you fly by, voila! No more bomb on bottom of car.

Now, I like being able to suspend belief once in awhile during a movie but JESUS CHRIST!!!!
How did you not like Crank? I thought the dry humor in that movie was funny.
Check the trailer of Transporter 3 in the Trailer Thread

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