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The Weather Thread
I am working from home today we are getting hit with another 12 inches, will this madness ever stop?
I'm at work, but half the office fagged out today. There wasn't much really, 2 or 3 inches, but its raining now and pretty slushy out. Should be fun tonight when it freezes over.
Securb Wrote:getting hit with another 12 inches

That's what she said.
...ignore your rights and they'll go away....
Speaks for itself .....

[Image: 1fall__1233258779_9734.jpg]

[Image: 2fall__1233258929_4159.jpg]

[Image: 4fall__1233259158_4411.jpg]

[Image: 5fall__1233259498_3158.jpg]
The only thing worse then falling on your ass like that is having someone else see it. It looks like he saved some of the coffee.
Speng Wrote:The only thing worse then falling on your ass like that is having someone else see it. It looks like he saved some of the coffee.

Those shots have been all over the Boston news. Some guy took a header in that spot and got a camera to take pictures, that guy took a header as he was snapping away. With the massive snow fall and the temperature swings the whole state/region is a hockey rink. My driveway has a good 2 inches on it that gets thicker every week. Nothing you can do about it.

O yeah we are getting 3 inches or 12 inches on Tueday depending on how the storm tracks.
You guys are having a crazy Winter, holy shit.

It was above freezing today, first time this year. I think it hit 38 today.
It was in the 80's out here in La-La land today.
Speng Wrote:I think it hit 38 today.

That is where our trouble started, the thaw begins and then freezes over night then it stays freezing for days. Ice rink.
80's again today. I think it's only going to be about 75 on Monday.

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