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The Weather Thread
davien Wrote:Back in the 80's here in L.A.!LOL

Keep it up dave and some random black guy in a parka is going to knock on your door in LA stomp on your foot and run away.
The storm wasn't as bad as predicted, only six inches of slush on the ground.
thunder and lightening!!
We're going to get more snow Sunday night/Monday morning. I'm so through with snow.
3dR3 Wrote:thunder and lightening!!

Same here I think I am going to take off the snow tires.
Well that storm didn't happen, it took a dive South and totally missed us.

Suck it Chicago, enjoy the snow!
Man, it's been beautiful here the last three's been in the mid 80s, twenty degrees above the normal temp. A pneumonia front moved in this evening, it dropped almost twenty degrees in a few minutes. I was outside and the dog just looked at me with "WTF just happened".
it's quite nice today

tomorror, thunder storms.
Holy balls, it was hot today, it still is. It was 89 but the heat index made it feel like 107. It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow. Normally it's not a problem but it was in the 50's just a few days ago.

Fucking humidity, nothing changes
We haven't had a day of complete sunshine during the entire month of June. 24 days in a row of cloudy or partially cloudy days.
There's no crying in baseball

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