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The Weather Thread
Steady driving rain right now. The dogs wont go outside.
Its almost sunny here now. Apparently the outer band of the hurricane still needs to pass, but the eye it up around North Jersey now. There should be another round of wind and rain, but they're saying it should be nice out around 3pm here.
Securb Wrote:The dogs wont go outside.

That was us here last night. She had to poop really bad though so she went 2 feet out the door, shit, and ran back in. The screen door barely missed the dump as it swung back.
You guys make it through without any damage or flooding?
Speng Wrote:You guys make it through without any damage or flooding?

I'm good. I don't think it's up by securb's area yet.

I have a little water in one area of the basement, but it is typical of a heavy rain. I just shop vac it every once in awhile. There are a few small branches in the front yard. I had the big tree out front significantly cut back right before spring, so all of the weak branches were gone already.
I just lost power this sucks
ETA 30 mins...
3daddict Wrote:ETA 30 mins...

Where do you live?
Portland, Me

My HDTV antenna jumped outta its socket

I'm still getting reception after dropping it down the chimney!
Sunshine here now

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