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The Weather Thread
We got a cold snap too and it is windy as hell
I gave up and turned the furnace back on, it was too freaking cold this morning. The poor cat was freezing, she kept laying by the vent waiting for the heat to come on. She'll be eighteen in a few months, she deserves it.
What the Hell? It's fifty degrees outside and rainy. We should be in the seventies and sunny right now.
(03-04-2014, 05:55 PM)Speng Wrote: I always got a kick out of that, sending people out in shitty weather.
"It's dangerous, don't leave your house, now we go live to out reporters in the field."
You mean like this ?
[Image: stop-sign-hits-weather-reporter.gif]
All I know is that when Jim Cantore shows up it is TIME TO EVACUATE. Seriously, that guy has a knack for being at the very location that the eye of a hurricane makes landfall.
Because I said so. 
(06-11-2014, 09:04 AM)GoldenVulture Wrote: You mean like this ?
[Image: stop-sign-hits-weather-reporter.gif]

That's fucking hysterical. Do you think she got the message?
No idea but I just keep watching it, I'm absorbed by the way she gets knocked sideways like a bowling pin. I know I shouldn't laugh but your right , it's hysterical. She could have been very badly hurt, I guess she wasn't.
Tried to look that incident up and turns out it's Lucy Punch from CBS's sitcom "The Class"

Though someone needs to find some more snaps of her for the boobs and babes threads.

[Image: Lucy_Punch_Photo10.jpg]

Everyone should be armed ...until nobody has guns.
We had a bad storm yesterday, winds gusting to 70mph. There's all kinds of damage everywhere, trees down, no power...shit like that. The only issue I had was a section of my fence fell over. I noticed the post was wobbly the other day, but who fixes that shit until it's broken.

I went to the Home Depot earlier to get a new post and cement, I know cement isn't the ideal thing for setting posts, but whatever. I'm pushing my cart, six bags of 60 pounds of cement plus a 4x4, 360 plus pounds. So many idiots walked right in front of me, across my path. I can't easily stop that shit once it gets rolling.

I almost felt bad for hitting the fat bitch walking and texting, she wasn't even looking. Her: "Ouch!" Me: "Oooops" in a very a very sarcastic tone.

Then I go to check out, all self service, no cashiers. I stood there pondering if the scanning area could handle me running a bag across it before the manager saw me and opened a register.

I think I overbought, but you can't really have too much concrete sitting around.
Who are you going to bury ?

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