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The Weather Thread
Some bitch that took my salad and backed out of our deal.
SIX bags???

At our last house, we always lost sections of fence with tropical storms. I finally realized that the sections that went down already had rotten posts.

BUT, I set the post, tied it down so it was level, and poured the bag of concrete into the hole. Sometimes I added water.

There's enough moisture in the ground here to set the concrete.

Because I said so. 
Where in the country do you live? I have to set the post down several feet so it doesn't heave in the Winter.

In the process of removing the old past and cement I ended up making a huge hole. It was probably two feet wide at the top and it tapered down from there.
Hurricane central in S. La.
Because I said so. 
Typically the bad weather seems to hit the poor folk in the trailer parks. I was pleased to see this hurricane hit Kennedy country and screw over the 4th of July for all of the rich folk on Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.
It was -7 this morning, it's supposed to hit 0!
We are not screwing around in Boston this morning.

[Image: B61CEDDIEAATls2.jpg:large]
That's just nuts, I hate this cold.

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