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The Weather Thread
Securb Wrote:I still dont have power, right now I am at a Holiday Inn with the wife and the dogs it just got too cold to tough out another day with no heat.

Wow, thats pretty F'd up.

Nothing major where I am. Just a little cold, that's it.
I actually lucked out getting this room a guy canceled as I was standing at the desk. Every hotel is full but they are giving "storm" rates some as low as 40 bucks if you can find a room. Half the town is showering at the fitness center. So the house should be OK it is brand new construction and buttoned up pretty good. I just called the drugstore next to my house and they have power so I am going to check on the house after breakfast. If not I think worst case will be Monday. The town next to me has been told they will be lucky if they have electricity by Christmas. So I have an hour til check out and I am out of here, luckily I found another hotel I can check into at one. Same scenario I was standing at the counter as someone found out they have power.
Glad to hear everything is relatively ok.
I am going to swing by the house after work. Rumor has it there were work crews on my street I would love to sleep in my own bed. I cant take this anymore.
I was just going to ask if you were back at home...that's really got to suck.
Speng Wrote:I was just going to ask if you were back at home...that's really got to suck.

Yep still in this shithole of a hotel eating shitty take out with the dogs and the wife. We were going to switch to a better hotel but that would have been 50 bucks more and another 50 for each dog
I got back into the house last night. I have power, I have water, I have 10 inches of snow on it's way that is being called a treacherous snow storm.

Glad to hear you're back in the house, everything ok inside?

We've got a bad storm coming too. Right now it's predicted to drop 12 to 18 inches between tonight and Friday afternoon, it's going to be that heavy ass snow.
Speng Wrote:Glad to hear you're back in the house, everything ok inside?

Pristine :) The only problem is we moved into the house with flash lights and candles there is crap everywhere. I need to do a bit of cleaning up.
We're getting hammered by this storm. Right now there's a foot of snow on the ground but the winds are blowing that shit into drifts that are over three feet deep. Pretty much everything is closed down, the airport, the freeways pretty much every business.

I really look forward to digging out of this shit.

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