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NLCS Preview
This year’s National League Championship Series is a replay of last
season’s: The Philadelphia Phillies vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers. The
Dodgers of course, hope it’s not an exact replay, because last season, the
Phillies beat them in five games.

It did not take very long for the Dodgers to dispatch the St. Louis
Cardinals in the National League Divisional Series. Everyone on the planet
expected the Cards to take care of the Dodgers, maybe even sweep them. The
Dodgers shocked the baseball world by completely shutting down the
Cardinals’ hitting and taking advantage of pitching mistakes, and being
the ones doing the sweeping.

Dodgers’ pitchers held the Cardinals’ batters to a .262 average, with 1 HR
and only 6 RBI over the 3 games. Matt Holliday was held to a .167 average
with a solo HR. Albert Pujols went 3-for-10 (.300) with no homers and only
1 RBI. The Cardinals’ best hitter of the series was rookie Coby Rasmus
(likely NL Rookie of the Year). Rasmus hit .444 (4-for-9) with 3 doubles
and an RBI.

Read more at:
Around The Bases Vol XXI: National League Championship Series Preview
There's no crying in baseball
If they lose again tonight, the Dodgers are going to be a quick kill heading back to Philly.
It's still baseball season?
Securb Wrote:It's still baseball season?

It shouldn't be
where are my winter gloves......
It's great for the players that half of each series is in LA. At least they get a reprieve from this ridiculous weather in the Northeast this week.
There's no crying in baseball
looks like the Phils are going to outscore the Eagles today.
And....they did
There's no crying in baseball
that makes me sad.

and to the Raiders.....
Awesome ending last night.

I was sitting by the left field ballgirl... pretty close to Manny. The crowd was relentless with him all night long when he was out in the field. The best was during one of the inning breaks they played a PSA on the big screen about kids and steroids. It wasn't two seconds into the commercial that the chants started.... MAN-NY, MAN-NY, MAN-NY.

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