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3dR3 Wrote:on the back steve suggested i write fuck ny but that might be risky.

Don't bother, Fox is going to have a hard enough time drowning out those chants on National Television.

At least the "You Did Ster-oids" chants can be recycled.
Hooch Wrote:I'll feed you a brat and egg sammich.

Hooch makes a hell of a brat and egg sammich, it might be worth wearing a shit hat.
The Yankees are the spoiled rich kids of baseball. There, I said it.

I really hope we kick their ass..... and that is how I cursed the Phils.
Huge Phillies fan for this series.....
"Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try."

Homer Simpson
The historic day didn't turn out exactly like I wanted....shifty could not score tix for the massacre @ the Linc, but we won an auction for the W.Series.huge grin
I wore a black Yankee hat & a red Jeter all star jersey....& a black hooded jacket for my escape..;) I watched the football game @ home as the GMEN went from top of the division to third place in one pathetic game. All credit goes to the Eagles, who "knocked the snot" out of them. Eli & the defense absolutely sucked & now there is a serious race for the NFC East.
I sat in sec. 115 three rows behind Spike Lee & his posse. The Philly fans were classic, as they ripped him every time he stood up, I received a few asshole comments & apparently needed to go fuck myself a few times too. Great stadium, & a great game that could have went either way. :cool:
glad you had fun Bobby....

I just wish our bats would have woken up in the 9th...

it was almost like some one bought that 8th inning.... oh wait.
This series is far from over! I think both managers did a good job with the bullpens last night. (besides the douche' Coke) Hughes & Lidge got some confidence back, it was important for the next games in NY.
Time for a sure to be classic > Pedro vs Pettitte :cool:
bobbyt2 Wrote:Time for a sure to be classic > Pedro vs Pettitte :cool:

Last night had a classic... Brett Myers vs. Cole Hamels in the Phillies locker room. Apparently teammates don't like it when you say "I can't wait for the season to be over" while you are still playing in the World Series.
Are you guys excited or what!? You have to feel good about the match-ups. There are records being set in this Fall Classic... Chase Utley is chasing the original Mr. October for most homeruns in a World Series, ... Ryan Howard is about to set the record for most strikeouts.....
It's November 3rd. This shit isnt over ...WTF!

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