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We Outsourced TMR
Due to unexpected rapid growth we have outsourced all of our beer reviews and stories to India. We just dont have the bandwith to cover everything we need to here.

This is our new beer guru Mukesh Rajshri Ambani, you can call him "Mike".

I guess this would be the time to let you know we also outsourced Babe Of The Moment and all future submissions will be in Berkas. I hope these changes dont cause any confusion or inconvenence.

The TMR Editiorial Staff

[Image: outsource.jpg]
I bet that guys like some gay NFL team like the Dolphins or something...
It's times like this I'm glad we don't have scratch and sniff technologies via the Internet. Indian chicks smell like hummus and incense.
Bababooey! Bababooey!

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