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The Twilight Thread
TMR has jumped on the Twilight bandwagon...kind of
ok, i forgive you, that was fucking spot on......

at least i didn't step in any dog shit this morning so my shoe tastes good.
Those Twilight bitches are vicious
check your neck for bites dude...... holy shit they are wound tight.
what's the world coming too when you can't crap on teenager that think they are cool but haven't realized that the world caters to them because they have the most disposable income, and that if they don't have an income you can bet your sweet ass mommy and daddy does.....

fucking teens, nothing changes.
Great review. Love the comments after. Wow, I think Navy Mom is taking this a little personal.

Doesn't she realize that our reason for existence is to have people click on our "measly little website"??? Why else would we be posting columns?
There's no crying in baseball
the only reason they call her navymom is because she can fit a submarine in her vagina.

or maybe she goes down on everything
I love how they are correcting me on the movie like I give a shit those are werewolves. What part of "I didn't watch the movie" didn't these broads understand?
I love how they think we are Neanderthals...

because that's an insult? Don't they watch the Geico commercials?

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