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The Twilight Thread
Because I wrote a review about a shitty movie I am not fit to be a parent? People are fucked!
and you picked on fat chicks in high school....

oh, and sorry about the small penis, i guess the rumor isn't true
This is the first comment war we have had and the first insult battle since last football season.
I can't believe I missed that whole thing.
Your review seemed spot on to me. I also haven't seen either movie, though.
As usual, Jesus floats in, hits a homerun, then floats away again.
Speng to answer your vegan question. No I did not make that up it is true. Even worst is the vampires do not die in the sunlight. When exposed to sunlight they sparkle like diamonds. What a homo movie.
Holy crap...and someone thought that was a good idea?
How long until the newest member here, TwiFan makes a comment?
Speng Wrote:How long until the newest member here, TwiFan makes a comment?

I notice these broads sign up and stew a bit before unleashing their venom.

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