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The Twilight Thread
Hooch Wrote:As usual, Jesus floats in, hits a homerun, then floats away again.

that Jesus guys is hard to nail down
3dR3 Wrote:that Jesus guys is hard to nail down

He doesn't like to hang around does he.
Did anyone else see Conan last night? He showed a clip from the new movie. LOL
Speng that shit is hilirious his setup is great
I want to be a writer when I grow up

that was fucking hilarious!
This birdyspice chick is all over the intenet defending this stupid movie.

On a side note someone wtote "Twilight Rulez" in wolf shit on the side of my house last night. This is getting out of hand.
you should read her twitter feed :eek:
Bay Area! That explains a lot. This broad has no class. You can call me a homo all day but when you bring my friends and family into the argument that is off limits.

What a snozz is she Jamie Farr's daughter?

[Image: menaaronresized_bigger.jpg]
That dude she's with looks like a douche.

Why are those chicks so defensive about a stupid movie? When the Star Wars prequels came out and everyone said they were crap, I didn't care. I certainly didn't spend hours online insulting people because they didn't like them. Then again, I'm male so I can think clearly and not be clouded by emotions.

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