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The Twilight Thread
I found the preview trailer for the next Twilight movie Eclipse.

well guys, i'm officially a pussy. i got dragged into the movie last night. I figured if i was going to sit through this pile of shit i should at least create a bootleg to spare you all.

here is one of the epic wolf fight scenes:

and here is a clip of the sweet love scene:

i'm not sure if she's a vampire dressed as a wolf or not. I drank a lot before the movie


Securb, you should probably add these to your blog..... die hard fans will love it!
Here's what happens when you mix "Twilight" and moonshine. According to police, Andrew Whiteman drunkenly attempted to break into a drugstore on April 17, then claimed to be an immortal vampire who was more than 100 years old. The 21-year-old reportedly told police in New Russia Township, Ohio, that he wanted to drink their blood and eat a female law enforcement official's kidney.

[Image: andrew-whiteman.jpg]
Just when you think this series cant get better

Cletus is such an asset to this company, I cant express it enough. I'm gonna get him a bucket of chaw.
Insted of a bucket of chaw do you think I could get some health insurance? Some of these monkey bites are looking a bit infected.

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