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Absolutely pissed off
I know we cant throw this guy in jail for his religious beliefs but cant we throw him the fuck out of our country for endorsing violence against our troops? Someone needs to do something!

" In his first interview with a journalist since the Fort Hood rampage, Yemeni American cleric Anwar al-Aulaqi said that he neither ordered nor pressured Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan to harm Americans, but that he considered himself a confidant of the Army psychiatrist who was given a glimpse via e-mail into Hasan's growing discomfort with the U.S. military. "

"The cleric said he thought he played a role in transforming Hasan into a devout Muslim eight years ago, when Hasan listened to his lectures at the Dar al-Hijra mosque in Virginia."

"Explaining why he wrote on his Web site that Hasan was a "hero," Aulaqi said: "I blessed the act because it was against a military target. And the soldiers who were killed were not normal soldiers, but those who were trained and prepared to go to Afghanistan and Iraq."

"Aulaqi said Hasan's alleged shooting spree was allowed under Islam because it was a form of jihad. "There are some people in the United States who said this shooting has nothing to do with Islam, that it was not permissible under Islam," he said, according to Shaea. "But I would say it is permissible. . . . America was the one who first brought the battle to Muslim countries."

Get this guy the fuck out of my country
This whole thing is unnerving......
That's fucked up. You can't make threats against the President without there being serious repercussions, they should do the same when someone pulls this shit.

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