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Moron of the week
Hooch Wrote:Wait, was it a male horse? That's gay.

It's name is Sugar, so yeah....that's one gay horse. That and the horse was wearing ass-less leather chaps.
I think i'll hit up google for a horses ass pic...

shit, all i got was hillary clinton
3dR3 Wrote:I really feel for this woman though. It's not like Halmark makes a "sorry your horse got raped" sympathy card..

No, but you can have one custom made for around $3.



Fake Edit: What's the photohosting site of choice for this forum?
imagine the surprise some one would have if that was sent out as a random prize :)
Ransack Wrote:What's the photohosting site of choice for this forum?

I use Photobucket, not sure about anyone else.
Leave these morons in Iran don't spend a penny of my money bringing them back. Some rich privileged assholes that don't know better that to be on the Iranian border.

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq – Iran state TV confirmed Saturday that it has detained three Americans who crossed the border from northern Iraq, saying they failed to heed warnings from Iranian guards.

Kurdish officials from northern Iraq said the three — two men and a woman — were tourists who had mistakenly crossed into Iranian territory Friday while hiking in a mountainous area near the resort town of Ahmed Awaa.
What idiots. Who the fuck hikes in the Middle East, especially near Iran? When you're warned by Iranian Gurards not to cross, you should get your feet cut off if you don't listen.
Furthermore, why would you go hiking in the mountains in hostile countries that love America? Are you trying to get decapitated and neck fucked?

Fucking spoiled Brats, Nothing changes.

Then again, the conspiracy side of me thinks it could be secret agents...
One of those kids is from very close to my neighborhood. Lots of news coverage. What the hell were they doing so close to the Iranian border? Idiots.
There's no crying in baseball
This truck driver plunged into a swimming pool after juggling TWO mobile phones at the wheel, police said.

Nicholas Sparks, 25, told cops in America he was texting on one mobile phone and talking into another when he lost control of his truck, slammed into a car and crashed into the pool.

Niagara County sheriff's deputies said Sparks admitted he was texting and talking when his flatbed rescue truck hit the car in Lockport, outside Buffalo, New York.

The truck crashed through a fence and struck a house, crushing the air conditioner and gas main, before rolling into the pool, according to Fire Chief Barry Kobrin.

[Image: poolmain_857810a.jpg]

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