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Moron of the week
It's not you.
Will it blend? That is the question.
3dR3 Wrote:is it just me or is all the weird ass news coming from PA lately?

Lately?:confused: ...and done even get me talking about western PA :eek: ...the whole section of the state is one big Rob Zombie movie
great i'm surrounded by morons

that must be why i feel right at home.
Man killed in trash chute fall

By Barry Paddock, Phil Molnar and Jonathan Lemire

Monday, April 13th 2009, 4:00 AM

A 34-year-old man plunged to his death 25 stories down the garbage chute of a luxury midtown apartment building early Sunday, police said.

Ashish Shah of Jersey City wandered into the lobby of The Olivia, a tony 36-story building on W. 33rd St., just before 6 a.m., police said.

He ran past the doorman and then took an elevator to the building's roof, tripping an alarm as he tried to get access to its sun deck.

Shah then went back inside, wandered down to the 35th floor, and then fell down the narrow garbage chute, police said.

He landed atop a trash compactor and died instantly.

Investigators believe Shah had been drinking for several hours before the incident and were not immediately certain if it was an accident or a suicide.

"It's amazing that someone could fit in that hole," said resident Stephen Bouchard, who lives on the building's 33rd floor.

Residents described the chute as being about 2 feet wide, just large enough for a person to slide down.

One of Shah's relatives did not know why he was drawn to the high-rise.
Sounds like somthing out of Slumdog
he had to be on coke....
GILLIAM, La. - A 54-year-old man stabbed his 63-year-old brother during an argument in their kitchen over a can of pork and beans, police said Wednesday.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Chadwick said the suspect was booked Tuesday on one count of aggravated battery.

Chadwick said the brother was treated at a medical center for stab wounds in his left arm and shoulder blade.

Chadwick quoted Deputy Jairo Rivera as saying the two brothers had been drinking.

Rivera said the suspect picked up a kitchen knife after his brother threw a punch at him but missed.
Will it blend? That is the question.
Prog Wrote:Chadwick quoted Deputy Jairo Rivera as saying the two brothers had been drinking.

I think we can leave this sentence out of these stories moving forward.
They need to say what they were drinking. I'm thinking Busch Light for these two.
Will it blend? That is the question.
A COMEDIAN died after accidentally overdosing on laughing gas while watching computer porn, an inquest heard.

Mark Cassidy, 42, lost consciousness as he inhaled the nitrous oxide from a canister.
He was found dead in bed, surrounded by cans of the gas, after his family became worried they had not seen him for several days and broke into his home in Blackburn.

The divorcee used the name Martin Cassidy to run a comedy club in the town and also worked for the Highways Agency, the Blackburn inquest heard.

East Lancashire coroner Michael Singleton said the death must have been “terribly shocking” for the family and the most likely explanation was that “it was auto-eroticism that had gone wrong”.

He added: “The injury causing death was asphyxia, due to nitrous oxide toxicity.
“There is no evidence that he intended to bring about his own demise.”

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