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Moron of the week
was that guys name "Mark" because he sure seemed to be one...
A MAN was engulfed in flames after a police Taser hit him on the bridge of his nose while they were investigating claims of petrol sniffing.

Ronald Mitchell, 36, was airlifted to Royal Perth Hospital for burns treatment following a confrontation with police who were called to a house in Warburton, 1,540km northeast of Perth on Monday.

Mitchell ran from the house at the officers carrying a container believed to contain fuel and a cigarette lighter, police said.

He was asked to stop but continued running toward the officers.

"An officer then deployed his Taser,'' police spokeswoman Susan Usher said. "The man caught alight and the officer immediately went to the man's aid, putting him on the ground and smothering the fire with his bare hands.''
sounds guilty.
Securb Wrote:investigating claims of petrol sniffing.

I was watching Intervention last night and there was this chick that would get high by inhaling cans of computer dusting spray. All day long she'd inhale that shit, usually up to ten cans a day. I'd never seen such crazy eyes before, she was really insane looking.
isn't that shit expensive?
3dR3 Wrote:isn't that shit expensive?

Cheaper than crack
yeah, but how cool is it to suck cock for computer duster?

crack just puts out the cool vibe...

now meth, that's a whole other toothless level.
which reminds me, whatever happened to bum fights?
3dR3 Wrote:which reminds me, whatever happened to bum fights?

I have all 4 on DVD
3dR3 Wrote:isn't that shit expensive?

That was my thought. It turned out that her family had cut off all her funds but she had a dude (married with kids) that paid for her apartment and gave her cash whenever she needed it. She was 22 and he was 46.

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