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Moron of the week
hmm wonder what transpired there?
I'm sure they we just discussing literature, playing chess...shit like that.
Heavy metal cure for constipation

As these x-ray pictures show a Romanian man had a heavyweight way of dealing with a bad case of constipation.

Viorel Firoiu, 48, turned up at the local general hospital in Orlea, southern Romania, complaining of incredible abdominal pains.

Doctors who carried out an x-ray of the man were amazed to find not one but two hammerheads stuck up his backside.

Dr Cristina Bontescu, spokeswoman for the local hospital where he turned up at the emergency unit, said: "He was a bit drunk and said he had been eating cherries that had left him badly constipated. He said he had a few drinks to dull the pain and then came up with the idea of poking a hammerhead up his backside in the hope of sorting out the constipation.

"But the hammerhead got stuck and then he came up with the idea of using a second hammerhead in order to try and get out the first - but then he lost the second one as well."

Doctors had to perform surgery to remove the two hammerheads.

[Image: ftrhs54q_large.jpg]

[Image: m9w80pp9_large.jpg]
Whoever posts the third hammer/anal insertion story gets an Instant Random Prize. Who knew hammers were so popular? The trifecta is now in play
You think that's rust or fecal matter on the paper?
that guy must have an amazingly big asshole.....

my attempt to find "hammer time" by MC Hammer came up really bad so I'll save you.
I'm curious how the second hammerhead would help getting the first hammerhead out. He didn't think that plan out very well.

Why stop at two? He mustn't have had a third one.
Speng Wrote:Why stop at two? He mustn't have had a third one.

Big Pink Floyd fan

[Image: hammer.jpg]
I can't find anymore hammer stories, but I did find this:
Securb Wrote:Big Pink Floyd fan

[Image: hammer.jpg]

yeah, but those hammers would just walk out of your asshole.....

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