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Moron of the week
Charlie Brown works at the landfill?

Good Grief!!
It reminded me of The Wizard of Oz
This guys brother must live in Dallas.

A man who may have been trying to steal copper wiring was severely burned on top of a utility pole this morning, Dallas Fire-Rescue said. His rescue was hindered because his flesh had melded with the metal on the pole.

A Dallas Fire-Rescue dispatcher said a passerby called about 5:30 a.m. to report that a man was on top of a utility pole and that wires were sparking above in the 800 block of Regal Row near the Irving border. Police said there had also been reports of power outages in the area.

When crews arrived, they found a person, who was burning, between transformers on the pole, police said.

Dallas Fire-Rescue spokeswoman Sherrie Lopez said the man had been hit with about 7,000 volts, possibly twice. The rescue of the man was hindered because his flesh had adhered to the metal components on the pole. Much of his clothes had either "burned off or blown off," she said.

Crews were able to reach the man using a ladder from a fire truck and he was lowered shortly before 7 a.m. and taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital. He suffered third-degree burns and was burned on about 50 percent of his body, Ms. Lopez said.

"There is no amount of copper that is worth the pain this man is going to have to endure," she said.

Oncor confirmed that the man was not an employee or a contractor for the company.

Copper thefts have been a pervasive problem throughout North Texas as the price of copper attracts those looking to make a quick buck. Thieves steal copper from a number of items, including street lights, air-conditioning units and electrical transformers, and trade in the valuable metal for cash at recycling businesses.

The thefts have affected businesses large and small. Oncor says the company suffered about $1 million in losses from such thefts last year.

Some local business owners have taken to sleeping at their stores and guarding their rooftops to prevent such thefts. In July, a business owner's son fatally shot a man on the roof of Bargain Town Variety & Furniture store in Garland. Police said thieves had targeted the store twice in two days before the shooting. During one incident about $6,000 worth of copper was stolen from the air-conditioning units.
Will it blend? That is the question.
anyone wanna buy some copper?
CONWAY, Ark. — A Conway-area man died from electrocution while he was using jumper cables to hook up power to his house after his electricity was shut off.

Authorities say 33-year-old Lonnie Montgomery was found dead Wednesday outside his home on Skunk Hollow Road. He was still clutching one end of a set of jumper cables. Officials say the other end was connected the electricity meter box.

Faulkner County sheriff's Lieutenant Matt Rice says it appears that Montgomery tampered with the meter box and a plastic cover installed by Entergy Arkansas after service was cut due to nonpayment.

Sheriff's Major Andy Shock says Montgomery was attempting to adjust or remove the jumper cables when he was electrocuted.

The Sheriff's name is Shock.....that's pretty ironic.
Alabama man stabs friend for buying wrong beer

Posted by Associated Press August 01, 2008 9:21 AM
Categories: Crime
MOULTON -- A north Alabama man has been accused of stabbing a friend for returning from a store with the wrong brand of beer.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department charged 64-year-old Grady "Skip" Wilburn Dollar with first-degree assault for allegedly stabbing Mickey Joe Hill.

Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell said the 37-year-old Hill was in good condition at Huntsville Hospital after being stabbed at Dollar's rural Lawrence County home.

The sheriff said Thursday that Dollar had given Hill money to buy the beer, but Hill got the wrong kind.

Dollar was released from jail on $5,000 bail.
I can relate, that's why I never ask my wife to pick up something from the store. She invariably fucks up and gets the wrong thing.
who'd of thought some shit like that would go down on a road named "Skunk Hollow"
From Foxnews.......

ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis man is dead and a teenager is in custody after a shooting over a cheeseburger.

The victim is 26-year-old Carl Sharp. The name of the 16-year-old suspect has not been released.

Sharp returned home around 12:30 a.m. Sunday after purchasing three cheeseburgers at a Rally's restaurant, police said. The suspect apparently became angry because he had requested two burgers, not three, and an argument began.

The men ate the sandwiches and the suspect left. A short time later, police say the teen returned and shot Sharp three times. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 16-year-old fled the scene on a bicycle and was taken into custody Sunday afternoon.

Sharp was a recent college graduate who is survived by his wife and two children.

this story sure has some holes in it....
Over a Rally burger? Really? I could understand if it was White Castle.

And an update on the Dallas copper thief from last week; dead.
Will it blend? That is the question.

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