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Moron of the week
Of all the images of fireworks you can find online, they pick a photo that doesn't even resemble fireworks? It's trails of smoke.
That's what they get for hiring a 12 year old.
Because I said so. 
Another idiot from Craigslist. I threw a bunch of smaller, cheap shit up there just to clear some clutter out. Plus I must be a glutton for punishment, dealing with some of these people.

The latest moron offered me half of my asking price and he wants me to meet him at a location twenty minutes away. You sir, may pound sand.
More Craigslist stupidity...Some guy emails me repeatedly, excited and asking all kinds of questions about an item I'm selling. He said he was going to make the ninety mile drive to get the item this weekend or the next. I didn't hear from him so I emailed asking if he was still interested, he said he's really busy and can't make the drive, no big deal. He then tells me to put it on eBay and he'll bid on it.

If I wanted to put it on eBay, I would have done that in the first place, moron.
Between eBay and PayPal fees, plus there's always the chance they could open a claim against the auction and I'd be out both the money and the item, there's no freaking way.
You should make a set of cheap Craigslist winnar awards, and present an award to each moron you have the misfortune of coming into contact with.

It should have a little plaque that recognizes their achievement in the area of being a complete fucking moron in the field of Craigslist asshattery.
Bruce still had the best Craigslist inquiry ever.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
This one shouldn't breed. She crashes her van and one of her kids has facial lacerations and she sits there and cries on the side of the road while they are still trapped in the van.
Another Craigslist genius: I had some old tools for sale, stuff that was just laying around and some guy sends me an email back on the 3rd of July saying he'll take them. We exchange a few emails, I ask him when he'd like to meet...nothing. I emailed him yesterday to see if he was still interested, he's really the only person who expressed interest. He emails me back, "oh sorry, I was on vacation". Don't start setting up a deal and then head out of town, asshat.

And another moron...I had some other shit for sale, I specifically mentioned I had two of the items. I guess the picture confused him, I had a shot of the pair and then a shot of just one, but my title of the post said "two". Anyway, he emails he saying he'd like all three.

I replied back that there was only two, and then he asks a price. I refer him back to the ad which said I don't know how much the items are worth, please make an offer. That was this morning, he just emailed me back, "What is
your best now?"

(07-12-2014, 05:26 PM)Big Flannel Wrote: Bruce still had the best Craigslist inquiry ever.

That guy was fucking creepy. I don't know how "I need a sofa removed" translates to "hey I am looking for a tranny play date".
(07-13-2014, 05:05 PM)Securb Wrote: That guy was fucking creepy. I don't know how "I need a sofa removed" translates to "hey I am looking for a tranny play date".

The best part was the sad-puppy morning messages like, "...Hey."
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 

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