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Moron of the week
Chef_Tony Wrote:How do you NOT hear a train coming??!!?

They dont grown rocket scientists up in Maine. It is where New Hampshire sends it's dumb people.
Oh okay, I figured it was something like that.
Securb Wrote:They dont grown rocket scientists up in Maine.

You have to admit, it's one sexy accent. LOL
Man Sentenced To Prison After Girl's MySpace Page Lies About Age

ORANGE COUNTy, Fla. -- A 13-year-old girl's sexual shenanigans have put a second man behind bars. Morris Williams, 22, told the judge he thought the girl was 18-years-old, but he found out Tuesday that ignorance is not a defense.

Morris Williams' mother wailed as he went off to jail. The judge asked for media not to show 13-year-old Alisha Dean's face in court, but her pictures are all over her MySpace page and they portray a sexy, 19-year-old divorced woman.

"She told me she had just turned 18," Williams said.
Williams said Dean picked him up on the street and after a few conversations they had sex. When he heard she was not 18, he went to her father.
"He was like 'well, she's 13,'" Williams said of a conversation with Dean's father.

Williams said he never did it again, but Dean has done it before with 24-year-old Darwin Mills. Mills was sentenced to five years in prison.
Dean's father wanted Williams to join Mills there.
"One of the reasons for the law is the fact that minors have poor judgment," said Jerry Dean, the girl's father.

Williams' father believes the jail sentence sends the wrong message to Alisha.
"I guess we just sit back and count how many after this," Henry Smith asked after his step-son was sentenced to jail.

Dean's family admits Alisha still stays out late and has yet to delete her misleading MySpace page.

Williams will serve six years probation with the first year in jail. The other five years he will have to wear an ankle monitor. His attorney says he will come back to court to ask again for a shorter sentence.
The Father is an asshole, the daughter is a slut and the judge is "moron of the week"
Speng Wrote:Destiny Phaneuf, 13, of Lebanon lost her leg just below the knee; Rachel Brown 14, also of Lebanon, lost a foot, Fecteau said. Both were airlifted to Maine Medical Center in Portland.

Let's be real about this, in 4 years they are going to try and date Paul McCartney...... LOL
wow, that dude has balls "hey sir, I think I may have boned your underage daughter, do you own any guns?"

is she eligible for "myspace hottie of the week?" or should we add a new category "myspace whore of the week?"
3dR3 Wrote:is she eligible for "myspace hottie of the week?" or should we add a new category "myspace whore of the week?"

not unless you want to get arrested
Hooch Wrote:not unless you want to get arrested

oh, yeah that whole "ignorance is not a defense" issue.

although i'm not the OP of the content, merely a recycler.
They need to club that girl upside the head like a brown eyed baby seal. That's too fucked up. Two guys in jail and how many more to come all because of a lying little piece of shit?

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