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TMR TV Review: Men Of A Certain Age
In the now classic comedy Everyone Loves Raymond, Ray Romano was quirky
and funny, even a little buffoonish. For many people he was easy to relate
to with his various family problems, whether they were with his wife, or
his parents, or his brother.

In TNT’s new series, Men of a Certain Age, Romano plays a much more mature
character coming to terms with where he finds himself at this very
particular crossroad of his life. His new character is still easy to
relate to, but perhaps just for a smaller segment of the audience.

In the pilot episode, which premiers on TNT December 7th at 10 PM, we meet
Romano’s character, Joe, a party store owner, as well as his two best
friends, Owen, (Andre Braugher, Homicide: Life on the Street) and Terry
(Scott Bakula, Quantum Leap, Star Trek). Owen works for his father in a
car dealership and Terry is a part-time actor who still acts like he’s in
college. Together and apart, the three of them face the challenges of
growing older, facing their mid-life head on and trying to be the best
friends they can be during some trying times.

Read more at:
TMR TV Review: Men Of A Certain Age

There's no crying in baseball
Nice review I will definitely be checking this out
There's no crying in baseball
nice review...... seems very watchable
Anyone watch this? Thoughts?
There's no crying in baseball
i started watching........then fell asleep and missed all of it.
I caught it last night there were some funny parts but I dont know if the story has legs.
I heard that by the 3rd episode it really starts to pick up steam. The first couple are more of an introduction and to lay the foundation.
There's no crying in baseball
I'll have to check for days/times and try to catch up on the first Ep.
I plan on catching it during a repeat, it sounds ok.

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