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2009 NFL Total Jackass Team
It's that time again. It has been a pretty quite year for arrests but I am positive we can put together a team to field.

If Randy Moss gives up again on Sunday he is a shoe in at WR.

Mark Sanchez could go at #1 pick for buying into the "Sanchise" bullshit. It doesnt have to be an arrest that gets you on the squad just jackass behavior.

Bills RB Marshawn Lynch is a lock as is Donte’ Stallworth and Shawn Merriman.

"Total Jackass Team Hall of Fame" nominees are also welcome for retired player.
I think QB is locked up with the likes of Favre, Cutler and possibly Vick.

This is the 2009 team we have to pick, BTW.
This is going to sound shitty, but I've got to nominate Chris Henry.
Ransack Wrote:This is going to sound shitty, but I've got to nominate Chris Henry.

Yeah it's pretty shitty, funny but shitty LOL Chris Henry deserves a Darwin Award not a Jackass Award.

I do like Hooch's Cutler pick.

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