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Around The Bases: Mets Sign Jason Bay
The Jason Bay Lottery is now officially over. Yesterday, the New York Mets signed the free agent All-Star left fielder to a 4-year, $66 million deal, with a 5th year vesting option that could bring the total package to over $80 million.

The Boston Red Sox, Bay’s last team, had offered Bay a 4-year, $60 million deal several months ago that he rejected, but there was hope that since the Hot Stove season was moving forward and he remained unsigned, he would be available for renegotiation. In the meantime, the Red Sox signed outfield veteran free agent Mike Cameron to replace him defensively.

Read more at:
Around The Bases: Mets Sign Jason Bay, Matt Holliday Still Unsigned

Enjoy!! Gator
There's no crying in baseball
This is classic Red Sox bullshit, this year they are going to concentrate on pitching and halfway through the season they are going to say wait a minute we have no offense. Elbows and shoulders burn out during the season you have to have some bats to make through the playoffs.

They need to work on building a more balanced team like ....NY
:lol: typical douche' move...for $6 million he goes from a contender to one of the worst franchises in the national league..I have a feeling the SUX have another move up their sleeves:confused:huge grin:cool:
Theo Epstien has been making sneaky quiet deals very nicely so far this off-season. Who knows what he has cooking up next?

But I can't wait to see what it is. There was some minor discussion about Adrian Gonzales, but that fizzled out pretty fast. SD wants too much for him and he's going to want way too much next year to stay.

Without a doubt they need another power bat in the lineup if they want to contend in that division again next season. The Yankees may have lost Damon and Matsui, but they picked up Granderson, probably one of the best leadoff hitters in the AL, and beleive me, they aren't going away anytime soon.
There's no crying in baseball

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