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Texas Tech Fires Head Coach Mike Leach
The days of college football coaches running rough-shod over players seem
to be coming to an end.

The “Bobby Knight School of Coaching” may have finally rung its death
knell as school athletic programs have joined the rest of society in
recognizing that people, even student-athletes, are human beings and
should be treated that way.

Part of this change in culture is the certainly the light that has
recently been cast on injuries, most notably concussions and other head
injuries and the interest that the NFL and various entities have taken in
this. But part of it is also just a much needed, long overdue change that
has been sweeping the business world for well over a decade and is now
reaching the collegiate sports level.

There is no place for public humiliation and abuse in our society,
anywhere. Even the military and college Greek societies (fraternities and
sororities) get it as they all did away with the long-standing practice of
“hazing” at promotions and pledging a few years ago. It’s about time the
college football coaches got it too.

Read more at:
Texas Tech Fires Head Coach Mike Leach

There's no crying in baseball

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