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TMR Gear And Gadgets: 3DTV vs. IPTV vs. HDTV
[Image: toshiba_zx900-150x150.jpg]I have a theory. My theory pertains to whether or not high-definition (HD) television was a revolution for TV. My theory is…not. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love HDTV. But, that doesn’t make it a revolution. The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year has reinforced my thinking. I believe that one of the two newest features to come to ye olde boob-tube is the next “real” TV revolution.

The two features I’m talking about are 3DTV, which has been getting a lot of press lately, and IPTV, which has, ironically, NOT been getting as much press. I get it – 3DTV is flashy and “in your face”. But, I think that IPTV, while more subtle, is the key to the future. While nifty features like HD and 3D are great to have, they are akin to giving a man a fish, whereas IPTV is akin to teaching that man HOW to fish. Some explanations and examples are in order.

IPTV is what I ... Click here for full article

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