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TMR Gear And Gadgets: Entourage Edge
[Image: wp-admin]What happens when you marry an eReader with a netbook? You get an Entourage Edge. And it hails from, what I consider to be, the ?Silicon Valley? of the east?Fairfax County, Virginia. As soon as I saw the first crop of eReaders, I knew something like this would soon be on the way; essentially, a paper-thin laptop. Sure enough, Entourage Systems has done it and it looks pretty good. Admittedly, I haven?t had a chance to try one out in person, but, in principle, it seems to be the device I imagine to surpass the laptop (and the netbook). Why? Well, consider this?

For the student audience: Entourage Systems has wisely partnered with textbook publishing companies to make textbooks available electronically. This has been a long-time comin?. And, actually, the textbook publishing firms brought it to fruition by hiking prices on textbooks to ridiculous heights. And, take it from a former student who had to hike across McKeldin Mall a... Click here for full article

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