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What did you watch this weekend?
Shutter Island - 7/10

Funny People - 7.5/10 This drawn out movie presented comedians in a much less glamorized fashion which made it interesting, but still a bit too long.

Elegy - 5/10 Great cinematography but suck-ass story. My girl didn't get anything out of this one either. Even the extended visuals of Penelope's wonderful breasts couldn't save this one.

Mad Detective - 8/10 Foreign (Hong Kong) detective thriller. This was a great spin on the psychic cops gig and a perfect movie for a Sunday afternoon with a coupla Victory Hop Devils. Great pacing and a nice departure from the predictable Hollywood stories.
Great idea for a thread...

I had my son and nephew at the local aquarium this weekend. They had a 4D theater where we saw:
Spongebob 4D
Planet Earth: Pole to Pole

The 4D was the standard stuff... air gusts, mists, stuff running by your legs. The boys enjoyed it.
The Time Traveler's Wife - 7/10 Not as bad as a chick flick as I had heard. I think I enjoyed it more than the wife did.
The woman saw Shutter Island over the weekend and she liked it... FWIW
Letter's From Iwo Jima - 7.5/10, much better then Flags of our Fathers. It took too long for shit to start blowing up though

I was going to watch a second movie Saturday night, but all the subtitle reading left me wiped out
Oh, this is going to be a good thread if we can keep it going. Great idea!!

We watched Couples Retreat. Very funny. We both like Vince Vaughn a lot no matter what he's in, and the rest of the cast was good too. Favreau hasn't been this good in a while.

I've heard mixed reviews on Shutter Island. Was really looking forward to it considering how successful Scorsese/DiCaprio have been in the past.
There's no crying in baseball
This thread should be hoppin this weekend with most of the active members getting dumped on with snow.
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - 2.5/10

What a piece of shit and a waste of great effects. I only gave it a 2.5 cause I had my full 2.5" erection every time Megan Fox was on the screen.
Just watched Saw 6, not bad for a snowy afternoon movie but it didn't really hold my attention. I ended up working on guitar scales for most of it, only looking up when it got gorey. 3/10
Watched From Paris With Love last night. It is real good lots of action, it never slows down. Travolta redeems himself for Wild Hogs with this one.


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