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What did you watch this weekend?
Shutter Island - 7/10

Funny People - 7.5/10 This drawn out movie presented comedians in a much less glamorized fashion which made it interesting, but still a bit too long.

Elegy - 5/10 Great cinematography but suck-ass story. My girl didn't get anything out of this one either. Even the extended visuals of Penelope's wonderful breasts couldn't save this one.

Mad Detective - 8/10 Foreign (Hong Kong) detective thriller. This was a great spin on the psychic cops gig and a perfect movie for a Sunday afternoon with a coupla Victory Hop Devils. Great pacing and a nice departure from the predictable Hollywood stories.
Great idea for a thread...

I had my son and nephew at the local aquarium this weekend. They had a 4D theater where we saw:
Spongebob 4D
Planet Earth: Pole to Pole

The 4D was the standard stuff... air gusts, mists, stuff running by your legs. The boys enjoyed it.
The Time Traveler's Wife - 7/10 Not as bad as a chick flick as I had heard. I think I enjoyed it more than the wife did.
The woman saw Shutter Island over the weekend and she liked it... FWIW
ok, who super glued my asshole shut?
Letter's From Iwo Jima - 7.5/10, much better then Flags of our Fathers. It took too long for shit to start blowing up though

I was going to watch a second movie Saturday night, but all the subtitle reading left me wiped out
Oh, this is going to be a good thread if we can keep it going. Great idea!!

We watched Couples Retreat. Very funny. We both like Vince Vaughn a lot no matter what he's in, and the rest of the cast was good too. Favreau hasn't been this good in a while.

I've heard mixed reviews on Shutter Island. Was really looking forward to it considering how successful Scorsese/DiCaprio have been in the past.
There's no crying in baseball
This thread should be hoppin this weekend with most of the active members getting dumped on with snow.
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - 2.5/10

What a piece of shit and a waste of great effects. I only gave it a 2.5 cause I had my full 2.5" erection every time Megan Fox was on the screen.
Just watched Saw 6, not bad for a snowy afternoon movie but it didn't really hold my attention. I ended up working on guitar scales for most of it, only looking up when it got gorey. 3/10
Watched From Paris With Love last night. It is real good lots of action, it never slows down. Travolta redeems himself for Wild Hogs with this one.


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