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What did you watch this weekend?
Hooch Wrote:Changeling - Saw this for the first time this weekend. Amongst all the reports about Angelina Jolie being batshit crazy, you forget how fucking great an actress she is.

yeah, I have to admit, I also enjoyed this film.
Go Further - 8/10 A documentary about activist Woody Harrelson and his bike ride with friends down the West Coast promoting ecology and a healthful diet. Also, a homage to Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. I've always thought Woody to be a bit of a nutjob but have a new found respect for him after this film.
Watched Cop Out, not Kevin Smith's best film but a good comedy all and all. Tracey Morgan was pretty funny you cant help but laugh at some of his stupidity. I would give it a 7.5/10
More kid's stuff....

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
The Princess and the Frog
Wet Hot American Summer - 9/10 an oldy that I highly recommend.

Antichrist - 7/10 great movie visually

Zombieland - 6/10 I found it kinda boring
Scored an advanced copy of The Blind Side. 8/10. Much better than I expected. some very touching moments but not a sobfest.
There's no crying in baseball
Repo Men: What a waste of some real good actors this movie dragged. I even nodded off. There is some sick action but the story is weak. 5/10
Angels and Demons - Not bad. Didn't see the ending coming.

Aliens in the Attic - family fun
Surrogates - 8/10 Not sure why the bad press, but then my standards for DVD vs the theatre are different.

The Fourth Kind - 8/10 This movie really scared me. I hear now it's all lies but who knows...

Sleep Dealer - 8/10+ This was an excellent near future story that was entirely believable and humanistic.

It's funny but I checked IMDB on all three films and all ranked 6/10 +/-. The number one complaint was lack of, or poor special effects. That's retarded.
Pandorum - 7/10 This would have been a great scare-fest if done in 3D. Enjoyable sci-fi flick.

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