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For various examples of human fail.

Lets start off with Girls Gone Fail

i like where this is going
[Image: epic-fail-excitement-fail.jpg]
CNN Headline News aired's parody version of a censored Lane Bryant ad today around 2:20PM Eastern time. The ad features a "plus-size model" dancing around in her underwear until getting a smartphone calendar reminder about a lunch date with Dan. CNN broadcasted the McRib mashup of the ad


[Image: twisp_100425_04.ss_full.jpg]
Holy shit!

twilight fail

white men can't jump, unless their werewolves

[Image: teen_wolf_1.jpg]
Segway Inc. owner rides over cliff to his death... on a Segway

Quote:UK businessman Jimi Heselden, the man who believed in the Segway so much that he went ahead and bought the company, has died after reportedly driving a ruggedized version of the scooter off a cliff and into a river. He was found early on Sunday morning in the River Wharfe, having earlier been touring his estate in the personal transporter. The cause of the accident is not yet known. Mr. Heselden was 62 years old and, true to our geeky hearts, generated his fortune by coming up with an innovative design for wire cage walls that has since become standard equipment for NATO, American, and British forces.

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