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Animal control finds 155 dead cats inside home
86 cats found in squalid conditions; owner cited

Wes Woods II and Jannise Johnson, Staff Writers
Article Launched: 06/13/2008 09:59:30 PM PDT

POMONA - Animal-control officers rescued 86 cats and found the bodies of 155 others sealed in homemade caskets at a Kingsley Avenue property Thursday afternoon.

Five of the animals were in such poor condition that they were euthanized, Humane Society supervisor Brian Sampson said Friday.

The Inland Valley Humane Society found the caskets, closed with sealant, in a garage on the property, Sampson said.

The owner, Florence Handley, 81, and her son Don Handley, 62, were cited for animal cruelty, Sampson said.

Florence Handley has run a cat-adoption service on her property for the past several years and has passed her yearly inspections. However, humane officers noticed the outdoor kennel was dirty during the latest inspection this week.

Those conditions led them to obtain a search warrant for the inside of the property, where they found unsanitary conditions and sick animals, Sampson said.

The last adoption there was in February, he said.

Florence Handley said Friday the main reason for the unsanitary conditions was that a tree branch fell outside near the kennels and scared her cats.

"Sometimes when they get terrified, especially with a branch falling on a roof inside their house, they just poop all over," Handley said.

Handley does not believe she is an animal hoarder or cruel to them.

"At 81, I have a criminal offense? I don't drink, I don't take drugs, I just like to take care of kitties, doggies and a rabbit or two," Handley said inside her Victorian-style residence Friday.

Handley said she and others have spent at least $700 per month on food and $330 on neutering and spaying animals as they come in.

She said the reason she kept the dead animals on her property was that "in Pomona it's against the law to bury animals or people in the ground."

The pine boxes the animals were kept in, Handley said, were in a garage and sealed with sealant, and the animals were put in pesticide so insects couldn't crawl through.

"They thought that was cruel," Handley said. "But it's OK to put grandmother's ashes on the mantel, isn't it?"

The animals, which were not adopted, died natural deaths, Handley said.

"We don't believe in killing things," Handley said.

Handley said the Humane Society should have called or sent a letter before they visited to clean up the property.

A disposal company took away the cat coffins on Friday.
hmmm i'd like to see photos of THAT place....
"They thought that was cruel," Handley said. "But it's OK to put grandmother's ashes on the mantel, isn't it?"

fucking A, Florence, you tell em!
I'll give the old lady that but jesus, a branch falls and the cats crap all over the place for six months? How big was this fucking branch?!?!?!?
Never underestimate the aromatic properties of cat shit. And Mrs. Handley is right....cats shit when they are scared.

One time when we were moving, Himself decided to transport a pet cat loose in the car, rather than go to the trouble of confining her in a kennel. What could one elderly cat get up to in a small car, after all? So he wrapped the cat in a blanket, entrusted her to the strong arms of a male volunteer, and off they went for the 20-minute drive to the new home.

A few miles down the highway the cat began to make an unearthly moaning sound. She then proceeded to claw her way out of the blanket (shredding the male volunteer in the process) and ran all over the car and driver, shitting as she went. Himself was veering wildly all over the highway; his friend was screaming and mopping at the blood streaming down his chest. After several circuits of the vehicle's interior, the cat went to earth under the passenger seat, and vented her feelings some more.

It took two days to talk the cat out from under the passenger seat, and we never did get the smell out of that car.

But that's not why my husband hates cats. No, that is directly related to the cat who used to piss in his typewriter....but that's a tale for another day.
WTF....can't you say "my husband" or use his name....."himself" who the Hell talks like that?
3dR3 Wrote:hmmm i'd like to see photos of THAT place....

I'd like to get a whiff. LOL One cat can produce unholy odors.
Speng Wrote:WTF....can't you say "my husband" or use his name....."himself" who the Hell talks like that?

Me. That's the hell who.

It's an Irish term for one's better half. I used to write a humorous column about our home life for a newspaper we owned, in which I referred to Bill as "Himself". I had cutesy names for our children too. Wanna hear them?
Chocklit Wrote:I had cutesy names for our children too. Wanna hear them?

I'd rather dry hump a porcupine.

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