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Caged boy 'skinned, eaten by family'

This is one of the sickest stories I've ever seen......what is this world coming to?
"Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try."

Homer Simpson
A MOTHER is accused of partially skinning her caged son and feeding it to relatives.

Kalra Mauerova, 31, of Brno in the Czech Republic, wept in court as she admitted torturing her son Ondrej, and his ten-year-old brother, Jakub, The Sun reported.

Ms Mauerova, a member of the Grail Movement cult, caged Ondrej for months while relatives, also members of the cult, ate his raw flesh, a judge heard yesterday.

The court in Brno heard the family sexually abused the boys and made them cut themselves with knives.

The boys said they were kept in cages or handcuffed to tables and made to stand for days in their own urine.

The abuse was discovered when a man living nearby installed a TV monitor to keep watch on his newborn baby.

Instead of pictures of his newborn he was confronted by live images of Ondrej naked in the cellar — beaten and chained, The Sun reporrted.

Ms Mauerova is understood to have installed the monitor so she could watch her victims suffering from her kitchen.

Police were called, and the boy and his brother, as well as what appeared to be a 13-year-old girl, were freed.

The teenage girl later turned out to be 34 — and one of the torturers.

Ms Mauerova accused the woman — fellow cult member Barbora Skrlova — of brainwashing her.

"Terrible things have happened. I realise it and can’t understand how I could have allowed it," Ms Mauerova was reported as saying.

The court heard the abuse of Ondrej and Jakub was co-ordinated via text messages sent by a leader of the Grail Movement cult — who was known only as the "Doctor".

The trial of Ms Mauerova, another relative and their bogus sister Skrlova — who fled and was later found posing as a boy in Norway — continues.
Man, how lucky are those kids that the guy luckily picked up that monitor transmission? What a fucked-up story.

Even more puzzling is how a 34 year old can be mistaken as 13.
This story is just sad. Those poor boys.

A friend here kept picking up a screaming baby on her monitor. This very young baby would cry for hours. She and her husband figured out the range of the monitor, decided it must be in the apartment building across the street, called the landlady who notified the authorities. Turned out to be a new mom with post partum depression who couldn't cope.
I my old neighbohood we would pickup the drug dealers cordless phones on th ebaby moniter and listen to the orders
Some fucking sick people in this world man.

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