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The Best Fast Food Burgers & Fries Debate
The Wendys Chicken Club is awesome give it to me biggie sized with a chocolate shake.
Securb Wrote:Come on Chef if you were fucked up at 3 AM I know I could get you to eat or at least try to eat 1, 2 & 5 ...number 4 looks like the perfect morning after burger for a hangover nice and greasy. Eat that baby on a Sunday morning with a jug of water then lie on the couch and watch a Starwars marathon on Spike for 8 hours and you are cured.

I didn't say I wouldn't eat them, I just said they look wrong. huge grin
The White Spot Triple O burger with endless fries. End of discussion.
Ooops, I crapped my pants
Chocklit Wrote:The White Spot Triple O burger with endless fries. End of discussion.

Never heard of the place. Not end of discussion.
They put mayo on the burgers I'll pass, the fries do look good.
I see they have convenient locations....Canada and Japan.

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