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Beat the House 2010
Beat the House v.2010... This year, the House is a double wide.

Gentlemen, if you haven't seen it yet, this year's version of Beat the House is live and ready for your picks. You can enter your picks via the link below...

Most of you have already met Cletus in here and he will be taking over the pick-making for this entire season. He and his girlfriend Matilda got all done up for the publicity shot. It can be seen on the pick entry page at the link above.

This year, we've provided some assistance in your pick-making process by including a complete listing of team-by-team betting lines that includes the Vegas point spread as well as the money line and over/under for every single game. That information is up-to-the-minute accurate and can be found in te right sidebar of the Beat the House entry page.

Good luck and enjoy the 2010 season!
let's see how much suck i can provide this year.

.........that didn't sound right.
Looks like Cletus' Lions and Raiders pick are not too popular
Securb Wrote:Looks like Cletus' Lions and Raiders pick are not too popular

I bet you one of those happens though.
It looks like Cletus' pick last night of his fellow Mississippian was a miss. He must have watched the game in the office with Atilla there are Natty Ice cans and monkey shit everywhere. I told him Ice beer gives Atilla the runs freakin kid doesnt listen.
WTF Cletus?
Hooch Wrote:WTF Cletus?

Rough week. I expect to see a lot of 8-9 pick entries. If anyone hits 12 they are a genius.
Securb Wrote:Rough week. I expect to see a lot of 8-9 pick entries. If anyone hits 12 they are a genius.

5-9 in his rookie start. Still can go 7-9 which would put him in my category in past seasons.

The Lions pick was an "almost, but not quite"
Hooch Wrote:I bet you one of those happens though.

What did I win. Nickelback Live
Securb Wrote:What did I win. Nickelback Live

Let's not kid ourselves, the Lions DID win that game. Ruling that catch not a TD was a travesty.

Cletus has submitted a formal request to me in writing to consider that game a Detroit win. The issue is under review.

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