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I Don't Get It
I'm starting a new thread. Come here and rant about things that people do that you just don't get.

Here's one:
I'm in a completely otherwise empty men's room in a stall taking a crap. There are 4 other stalls and 3 urinals. Why does the guy come in and go to bathroom in the stall right next to me? Isn't there something about men's room etiquite that he's violating here? I'm highly offended by this uncouth behaviour. :eek::eek:
There's no crying in baseball
Did he have a wide stance?

Ironicly I am taking a shit righ now! Droid!
I don't know, I could only see one leg :lol:

Is there anyone standing /sitting next to you? A mere 8 inches away. There's just something about that when there is an entire empty bathroom that is just unfuckinneccessary. Maybe it just comes from me being on a Navy ship in such closed quarters for such long periods. Who knows?? Where's my psychologist when I need him???
There's no crying in baseball
did he touch the side of your foot with his?
yeah, that may be some sort of gay man move.

what really pissed me off is I stopped off a highway to take a shit and the fucking stall doors were under 4' high. that means anyone walking by could watch you take a shit.
No. I would have been all done. I felt that my personal space was violated enough.
There's no crying in baseball
So while we are talking about bathroom talk I had an adventure this morning. I never sit on the cloth subway seats only the vinyl ones. This morning I sat down on a cloth seat and at some point someone had obviously pissed themselves in that seat. All I could smell was rancid urine (Mmmm urine). The first thing that went through my mind was if I get up and my pants are wet I am going to puke.
So, what happened? That sounds like only half of a story.
There's no crying in baseball
No pee on my pants. I walked to the other side of the train ready to vomit and of course some bozo jumped right in the seat and rode the piss all the way into Boston.
That feeling in the pit of your stomach when first sit down and youre not sure which way it's going to go is awful...

You probably still have the stench of piss in your nostrils. Nasty.
There's no crying in baseball

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