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Has anyone picked it up yet?
Nope, I've never played any of the games for some reason.
Yeah, been playing it an hour here, an hour there. None of the lockup issues so far and loving this game.
I thougth about picking it up, but my ps2 is covered in dust and primarily used as a dvd player...
I picked it up the day it came out (actually, the night it came out... stood in line at midnight because I'm cool like that). It is by far the coolest game I've played in a while. The story is great so far, the voice acting is beautifully done, the graphics are awesome, and the gameplay beats all.... so much going on in Liberty City.

Very highly to those with a PS3 or Xbox 360, and a weak moral fibre.

(sorry 3dR3, you're PS2 won't cut it...)
the irony of all that Fel... I bought ps2 specifically for the GTA games... what can i say, i like beating hookers.
Haha.... nothing wrong with that. But you'll just have to get your jollies off in Vice City.

I bought my PS3 more with Gran Turismo in mind, but will gladly fill my time with GTA for the next several weeks. It is just way too much fun.
Huge freaking maps man! But the game is killing me. 12+ hours of gameplay, all while working 12 to 13 hours a day. I need some sleep!!!
I am digging the online aspect of the game. One big city gone wild.
Make sure you all check out the official Zoo review:

Xbox 360 Review: Grand Theft Auto IV

thanks Jamie!

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