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TMR Zoo Top 10 Greatest Sports Films
No surprise, my list is heavily tilted toward baseball, but there are others, and their not numbered because the top 5 are almost tied.

List Criteria: Would I stop and watch if I was channel surfing and hit on one of them:

Field of Dreams
Eight Men Out
Remember the Titans
Raging Bull
A League of Their Own
Rocky II
The Longest Yard (Original)
Major League
There's no crying in baseball
Speng Wrote:I never saw it, what's it about?

About these guys in this town that play hockey on an outdoor rink. It's a long tradition and it's an honor to get to play. It ends with an exhibition game against the New York Rangers.
Will it blend? That is the question.
That sounds pretty good, I'll have to add it to my list of movies to watch someday.
It's just one of those movies you wach and when it's over you say to yourself "why the hell have I never seen that before?" It's funny as hell too.
Here we go

  1. Any Given Sunday
  2. Talladega Nights
  3. The Longest Yard (Original)
  4. Remember the Titans
  5. SlapShot
  6. Bad News Bears (Original)
  7. Major League
  8. Water Boy
  9. Cinderella Man
  10. CaddyShack
hmmm good lists so far.

i suck at remembering movies simply because I don't care... but I'll add Invincible because I like the story...

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