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God still hates idiots.
Westboro Baptist is going to picket Carlin's funeral what flying assholes they are
Now that might be the event where they get their shit pushed in at.
shall we hop in the TMR van and go too??
What a bunch of morons... I hope someone delivers what's coming to them. Gang beating/raping? Make them love the cock?
Why don't those fuckers get a sense of humor...WTF...seriously.

George Carlin is in hell! He used his platform to make a mock of sin and scoff at the Lord God of Eternity. So when Carlin died and split hell wide open, God laughed! "I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh" Prov. 1:26. Looks like God got the last laugh, Carlin -- as always!
^^They're just mad because their wives won't do anal. So now no one is allowed.
you know, I hope God has an earthquake during their protest and a building falls on them. then when they have their funeral I can show up, fuck some midgets in the ass, do a coke line off a hookers ass, drink a bottle of jager, then piss on each tombstone. hell, maybe i'll have some mexican and take a dump while i'm there... all while saying the 7 words...

that's how dR gets the last laugh.
3dR3 Wrote:that's how dR gets the last laugh.

Throw in a goat skull fucking a dead clown and I am so there.
Tulsa police are called to break up the melee, which began during a youth worship event.

Police cars fill the parking lPolice cars fill the parking lot at the Big Splash Water Park on Wednesday night. Officers had to disperse about 3,500 people after the crowd at a Christian youth worship event turned violent.

Authorities closed the Big Splash Water Park for the night after hundreds of youths brawled inside the park and in its parking lot Wednesday evening, police said.

Capt. Travis Yates estimated that 3,500 people were at the park, which he said had only one security guard on duty.

There were no reports that weapons were involved, and police knew of only one injury — a girl who was trampled by the crowd and had rib injuries, Yates said. EMSA spokeswoman Tina Wells said that medics were not called to the scene at any time that night. Specific information on her condition was not available, but Yates said her injuries were not life-threatening.

Large-scale fights started breaking out at the park when an event sponsored by Christian radio station KXOJ drew larger-than- expected crowds, Yates said.

Big Splash, on the southeast corner of Expo Square at 21st Street and Yale Avenue, noted on its Web site that it was hosting a "Waves of Worship" event from 7 to 10 p.m.

Big Splash Manager Amber Beck said Wednesday night was a Christian youth night with Christian bands. Yates said a large crowd had gathered outside before the park reopened for the evening event.
"Obviously, when you have 3,500 kids in a confined area, you're going to have some problems," he said.

Beck said a lot of churches had arranged for groups to attend but that cheap admission — $5 per person — drew "the wrong crowd," as well.
By about 8:30 p.m., park officials had called the police because the crowd was too large for them to handle, Yates said.

Fights started breaking out about 30 minutes after officers arrived, he said. While police tried to get the situation under control, managers shut down the park. The crowd then spilled out into the parking lot, where the fights continued, Yates said.

As officers tried to break up those fights, the crowd dispersed. A large number of people moved to the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market across the street, where some started looting merchandise, Yates said.

Meanwhile, police continued to deal with more youths around the south side of Expo Square who would move along when police approached and then meet up somewhere else nearby.

Roughly 35 to 50 officers were at the scene, and Yates said they didn't have to use force — just loudspeakers — to disperse the crowd.
No arrests had been made, he said about 10 p.m. Beck said Wednesday's event was the third Christian youth night the park has hosted this summer and that this was the first time a problem had arisen.

She said she thinks word got out among teenagers that Big Splash is a place they can go on such nights and hang out for $5.
Park officials realized that they were going to have a problem when they started seeing groups of youths in street clothes rather than swimming suits coming in, Beck said.

In the future, she said, individual patrons won't be allowed in on such nights. Those who are allowed entrance will have to be with a prebooked group, she said.

Beck acknowledged that the park did have only one security guard on duty Wednesday night, and she said security will be bolstered in the future.
If the bible thumpers can't get along than whom can?

It's not like any wars have been started because of Jesus roll eyes

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