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Coolest College Class Ever
From Yahoo News

Baltimore university offers course on The Wire

US President Barack Obama has said that The Wire is his favorite television series.
Mon, 29 Nov 2010 10:32a.m.

The former HBO series The Wire is the topic of a new class at Johns Hopkins University, in the city where the drama was based.

The class was introduced this semester and uses the Baltimore show as a way to look at the problems big cities in America face. Guest speakers have included former Baltimore commissioner Ed Norris, an actor on the show, and show creator David Simon.

The class was taught by Peter Beilenson, an adjunct professor, and uses the 60 episodes of the show as a textbook. The series ran from 2002 to 2008.

For their midterm assignment, students visited and wrote about needle-exchange sites and juvenile justice centres.

And for their final assignments students will write memos suggesting fixes to city problems.


After some more quick additional research I found out that Harvard University has had a similar course for the past couple of years, but no guest speakers to speak of.
There's no crying in baseball
Best show ever. The whole Amsterdam season was awesome
Hamsterdam :lol::lol:
That season was great...

I love seeing Wire alumni popping up EVERYWHERE. Whenever Tara and I are watching TV, I'm sure to see someone. I'll say, "hey, you know where that guy is from?" and she'll roll her eyes in that delightful daughterly way and say, "Uh, The Wire??"

It's actually become pretty funny.

Saw Bubbles on Fringe last week (for the 2nd time).
There's no crying in baseball
#4 show
I didn't know they adapted Slum Dog Millionaire for TV
I've never seen the show.
Yes Amsterdam was the best show.

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