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Was it the DVD player or tv?
yesterday we had a strange incident. We had bought a new DVD. When we put it in the player the main screeen was fine but when the movie player the screen was mostly white and you could hardly see the picture. We thought it was the movie so we put in an older one that we've seen quite a few times. the pictures was blurred and scrambled like a blocked tv channel. Both times the audio was perfect. We gave up and decided that out DVD player might be broken. We checked all the cables and settings, checked the picture settings on the TV. We couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. Regular cable tv was just fine

This morning my six year old got up early and put in the new movie and it played just fine. he did nothing to mess with the wires or anything. He then went on to watch a 2nd movie.

So now we're puzzled. Was yesterdays blunder more likely a problem with the DVD player or the TV? the TV is about 5 years old. the DVD player is only 2 years old. We've never had problems with either. We do plan on replacing the TV with a HD flat screen
probly tv. mis-synch on the picture signal. if it happens again, turn the tv off and back on again - it'll likely be fixed.

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