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Which GPS handheld unit will be right for you.
#1 – Jun 28, 2008 – If you are thinking about buying a handheld GPS (Global Positioning System) , then chances are you already have an idea of what these items are and how they can make your life easier. In fact, many people are starting to look into these very useful GPS devices, since they quite literally tell you were you are in the world. Obviously if you are active in outdoor sports, such as hiking, camping or boating or the like, a GPS can be a very handy item, giving you piece of mind that you will always know exactly where you are. With a GPS, you never need to fear getting lost again. <!--more-->

When it comes to choosing a handheld GPS, the first step is to know what you will be using it for. For example, the best GPS for hiking in the Canadian Rockies may not be as useful if you are trying to navigate the city streets of London. Moreover, if you are using your GPS in a boat or car, as well as when walking, you should look for a multipurpose unit.

GPS receivers perform so many functions that you need to decide on the right one for you. For example, the basic GPS simply displays the latitude and longitude of your location. While it might include routes and tracks, the basic variety will not include maps or points of interest.

If you do require maps as well as location details, you should opt for a Mapping Handheld GPS which has the power to download maps from CD-Roms sources such as Garmin MapSource, and Magellan Mapsend. A Mapping Auto GPS is the perfect answer if you are exploring in your car, and likewise the Marine GPS is the ideal choice if you are planning to do a lot of boating.

Before you chose you handheld GPS, be sure to consider how you will be using it. Again, what is needed for hiking in the wilderness may not be appropriate for urban adventures! Speaking with knowledgeable staff can make you decision a lot easier!_end -->
I got Ragdoll a Garmin 360 for Christmas last year. It is the best present I have ever got her she loves it. She was interveiwing a few months back and the garmin would bring right to the door of the interveiw no getting lost no stress. I have used it and set it to "no highways" to plot out the back roads home and took a half hour off of my Friday commute.
I've been thinking about getting one a lot recently. There have been a few times over the past few weeks when my wife and I were either lost or were stuck in traffic and wanted to find an alternate route but didn't know the area. I just rented a car a few weeks ago with which I had to drive from South Jersey to Richmond, VA with one of the newer Garmin Nuvi's and the thing was really sweet. Sam's Club just had the Nuvi 750 for $299 which is a killer price. Plus has the Nuvi 250W remanufactured for some crazy low price like $135. I might go back and get the 750.
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I have the garmin something or other model... it's the really expensive one that does everything. I bought it for the woman before she has our son since she can't seem to find her way out of a paper bag...... anyway the first few times using it was awesome.. I tested it locally to see how wacky it is and if it really knows the best routes.. As it turns out like any computer it has it's flaws. it's taken me and gotten me lost on trips away from home, lead me to gas stations that were closed, etc... I suppose I should update the software. I generally will have a second set of printed directions with me as well... never know when the computer will crap out....

IMO you can't beat a map... but if you are away from home and want to find something ot eat, fuel, a place to rest, then the GPS can't be beat.....
3dR3 Wrote:If you are away from home and want to find something to eat, fuel, a place to rest, then the GPS can't be beat.....

Are you a jingle writer?
I have the Garmin 340. Love it. I have never had a problem with it. I bought it from an online store for $300, shipping and 3 year warrantee included. They were selling the same model in the "big box" stores for $449 at the time.

We use it all the time. Comes in especially handy while we're house hunting and going from Open House to Open House. Just put the new addresses in and away we go.

We also use it all the time to find restaurants.

One of the best investments I ever bought.
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pervertfreak Wrote:Nuvi 750 for $299 which is a killer price. Plus has the Nuvi 250W remanufactured for some crazy low price like $135. I might go back and get the 750.

I would strongly suggest it. No more do you kinow where your going arguments.

We dont use half the features in ours like the MP3 player the 250 will be fine especcially at $135. One thing I would stress is when you get out ot the car clean the suction cup ring off of the inside of the windsheild. Thieves look for that when picking cars to be broken into.

Protect your GPS system from thieves

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