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MMA Fans
MMA is the fastest growing sport..What I want to know is what is the reason the sport is growing so fast?? Is it the violence, is it the skill, is it the ring girls??
I dont watch a lot of it but mostly I just like a good fight
Dana White: Shut Up or Get Out

First of all, I would like to start out by saying that all things expressed in this story are the sole opinions of mine, and not of any website that hosts this story. I say this because after writing this article I wouldn’t be surprised for the ZUFFA legal team to send me a court summons.

I have been out of the loop as far as putting any type of publications out for a few months now but rest assured, I have definitely still been watching this crazy world of MMA and I have noticed a trend that I simply do not like. I believe that if nothing changes soon Mixed Martial Arts will reach its apex in the year 2011.

Since my last publications, Cain Velasquez has been crowned, Frankie Edgar and Grey Maynard had a war that led to a draw, The Reem has been crowned K-1 WGP Champ, Aoki has fallen off, Fedor has resigned, and Strikeforce has unveiled a jaw dropping heavyweight tourney! But none of these things are what set me off, none of these things are bad for the sport of MMA at all… The straw that broke this kids back- Dana White and his announcing of the TUF coaches.

Brock Lesnar is a beast, and one hell of a money draw, and I understand business is business, but many fans have spoken out against him being a coach on the next season due to inexperience. I agree, however Dana White has chosen to go on record and call anyone who doesn’t think Brock deserves a coaching spot a “*expletive* idiot”. This man has reached his plateau and I believe it is time we call for this man-child to step down or shut up!

I have been a fan of many of DW’s decisions, including bringing Brock and James Toney into MMA. These things help to bring fans from similar sports to our world, and that is never a bad thing. But Putting Brock Lesnar in as a coach, alongside names like Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Ken Shamrock, Big Nog, and your first TUF winner Forrest Griffin is a joke. Many fighters that have competed on the show have a record twice as big as this wrestler, and have put in years of their lives into this sport. To put a man like Brock Lesnar, who according to internet rumors over recent weeks can’t even decide if he wants to do it for real, or go back to the WWE and fake it again is a slap in the face to those fighters.

It’s understood that Brock has fought some big names, and has held a title, but the man has only committed the last couple of years of his life to this sport. Plus since his NCAA wrestling career Lesnar had taken to being a male soap opera actor for years in professional wrestling. The man truly does not belong on the show as a coach to men who have given so much, only to be “mentored” by this baffoon! Like I said, business is business and in that aspect it only makes sense to put one of your biggest money makers out there, but at least own it Dana! When asked, don’t call your fans idiots for having an opinion, just tell everyone like it is, the man will bring in viewers and money and it was simply a financial decision… you are supposed to be a businessman, start acting like one.

I have heard you over the last few years saying how you want the UFC to be another NFL, MLB, NBA… how the hell do you expect to achieve that in jeans and a schmedium Affliction tee, knocking the fans that simply have a different opinion than your own? Commissioner Goodell would NEVER insult the NFL’s fan base, will never show up to speak to the public in his little brothers shirts with his “chuck” bulging out above his belt line. If you want this sport to gain anymore respect, you have to start earning it, demanding it simply will not get you any further.

Mixed Martial Arts is legal in almost every corner of the world, and while that is in huge part due to ZUFFA, even with the legalization in NY looming, this is only the foundation. Madison Square Garden was built for boxing, the biggest competitor to MMA, and to invade their territory while slinging insults and vulgarity like you just stepped off the USS Independence will not do this sport any good. It is time you cleaned up your act Mr. White! Because your diarrhea of the mouth will surely be overshadowed by the quiet confidence of Scott Coker in his $10,000 suit with a stacked Heavyweight Tournament Bracket in his back pocket! You are not a businessman! You are a former aerobics instructor from Boston who happened to have some trusting friends, YOU GOT LUCKY! Be humble in your success, thank the fans, adjust the buttons on your suit jacket, smile and wave. The sport has enough mouths in it, it’s time for you to shut yours and let the talent of the fighters you showcase take MMA into 2011 on a proper note.

By Harold Hughes Staff Writer

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