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Hottie of the Day (NSFW)
[Image: susan-rosen-daimond-bikini-30million.jpg]
yowza. who is that? looks really familiar
Beats me, I just typed a bunch of shit into a Google image search.
Too bad I can't attach pictures directly.
There will be an attachment on the bottom of your post that people will have to click to see it.

You, (of all people) must know some awesome pics you could link in.
So you need to create the message first then edit and attach an image.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=168]
Oh my word
No you attach the pic URL while you are creating the message.

[Image: Picture-Upload-Instructions.jpg]
(05-30-2014, 04:42 PM)CTN Wrote: yowza. who is that? looks really familiar

It's Molly Simms in the $30 million dollar bikini.

The majority of pictures I post are not from websites and I do not use an image hosting service.

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