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Had an interview today
Lots of luck.

I never heard of an interview like the last one you mentioned. My typical interviews were more of the "tell me three things do well / three things you can do better" type things. I wonder which is worse.
There's no crying in baseball
Quite standard when someone is coming in for the level I am coming in. If it was just for a cook, we usually don't worry about auditions or working interviews. But for the Chef of the restaurant, they need to know if you are a cook who thinks he is a Chef, or if you are the real deal.

I don't embellish my cooking abilities, it's too easy to detect a lie when it comes to that, so I'm not too worried about the audition.
You shouldn't be worried, your Italian!

Good luck to you T, if anything, show them that pic of you and Bourdain, tell them you were the guest Chef at his birthday or some shit.

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