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An Idiot Abroad
Lexington MA (Yes where Paul Revere rode) has the most dense Asian population in MA. I was on a bus there this morning and felt like Karl in the China episode.
at the amazon is funny as well
On the bus again this is f'ing nuts
Season Two!

The second series premieres on 21 January 2012 at 10:00pm EST on The Science Channel.

Dubious travel show host Karl Pilkington has once again been coerced into a worldly excursion by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, and will bring season 2 of ‘An Idiot Abroad’ to the cable network, Science.

Science plans to bring back the highly rated travel program An Idiot Abroad from producers Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant for season 2.

Last year, nascent adventurer Karl Pilkington was sent on a globetrotting escapade (more or less against his will) by his long-time friends Gervais and Merchant. During the season, Pilkington visited the likes of Rio, Egypt and China where he participated in strange challenges – when he wasn’t too busy complaining.

Pilkington’s general distaste for the adventure, in conjunction with his less-than-exuberant reactions toward his surroundings, helped make An Idiot Abroad the highest viewed program for Science in the channel’s history.

Things will be a little different for the show in its second season. The inaugural run of Idiot was actually acquired by Science after it first aired in the UK. This time around, the cable channel will be taking part in upcoming episodes by serving as a producing partner – thereby having a say in which locales will make Pilkington miserable next.

It seems Pilkington’s onscreen discomfort is something of a treat for Gervais, who seems excited at the possibilities in store for his friend.

The concept of season 2 will focus on ‘bucket list’ destinations – or places one should see before they die. Whose bucket list? Well, not Pilkington’s, likely. To hear him put it, he’s not too fond of the concept.
It's on tonight
I dont see how they can keep up the ruse
That was a bland episode, the desert island, the next one looks better.
This is another show that almost got by me and I've watched what was available on on demand. Love Karl, he is just great.

I agree, the island one wasn't as good as most of them. I did like watching him wear the child's "skirt"? though. Good stuff.

Right now I'm watching the ones where Ricky makes him go with Warwick Davis, interesting dynamic there. Still rooting for Karl huge grin
Tina12312 Wrote:Right now I'm watching the ones where Ricky makes him go with Warwick Davis, interesting dynamic there. Still rooting for Karl huge grin

That would be the third and final season, only three episodes. I heard Karl is going to be doing another travel show, I hope that happens.

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